PODCAST: The criminalisation of mental illnessListen now (39 min) | In this special edition, I bring you the latest episode of 'Curtain The Podcast' where Martin Hodgson and I interrogate the courts and media response to Aboriginal people who die by police shootings.
Mark Mason Snr was shot by a cop in Collerenebri in 2010. His family never received a proper investigation, and 11 years later, his four children are…
Blackfellas expressed relief, just like the rest of the nation, over the finding of Cleo Smith. But with that relief, came questions: why aren't our…
And another update for the future of Presence
The police officer who killed Aboriginal woman JC in Geraldton has been acquitted of her murder and manslaughter.
A weekly round-up of important reads in Indigenous affairs
There is a strong tradition of black journalism both in this place and overseas. They have given us a foundation to build upon.
On dehumanisation and silencing.
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